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Procedure involves the use of polynucleotide molecules to promote tissue regeneration and rejuvenation. 

Procedure involves small meso injections into the targeted area.

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. Skin rejuvenation - stimulation of collagen production and improvement of skin elasticity equating to more youthful and radiant appearance 

. Help with reduction of fine lines and wrinkles 

. Hair restoration - can aid in promoting hair growth and reducing hair loss, it can strengthen hair follicles, improve scalp health and improve hair thickness and density

. Scar reduction - polynucleotides can help minimise the appearance of scars by promoting the remodelling of collagen fibres and improving the overall texture and colour of scar tissue.

. Anti inflammatory - helping reduce redness

.Improves skin texture and tone, by promoting skin cell turnover, increasing hydration and improving the skins ability to retain moisture. 

. Non invasive and minimal down time 


30 minutes


Up to 2 weeks


Topical numbing cream


Course of 3


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One of the most delicate areas of the face under eye rejuvenations is a common concern for many people, and needs careful consideration when choosing the correct treatment 

Which is why we offer alternative treatments 


Polynucleotides treatments 


LUMI EYES- a tissue stimulator specifically designed for under eye rejuvenation is a polynucleotide treatment giving a filling effect in the form of lymphoedema. The results of the treatment is strong hydration and rejuvenation of the tissue as well as the reduction of symptoms of fatigue, diminishing dark under eyes, smoothing, moisturising the under eye. 

Benefits include 

. Complex skin rejuvenation 

. Restoration of damaged skin

. Forming a healthy skin barrier 

. Regeneration of cells and tissues

. Anti-ageing and anti-fine wrinkles 

. Skin lightening

.improvement of skin elasticity 


LIGHT EYES - a cocktail containing hyaluronic acid, ruscosides, vitamin C and antioxidants able to improve micro circulation, cutaneous elasticity and drainage in the periocular area

This treatment will brighten up the eye area and increase the circulation achieving a more youthful and rested look 


Our clinic is guided by an experienced nurse and focuses on using only the best, medically endorsed products that have passed clinical tests for our anti-ageing treatments. We are devoted to maintaining a safe and reliable clinical atmosphere, helping our clients reach their desired outcomes with confidence.

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